Yifeng Wang

New Home

I don’t remember how I found Scriptogr.am in the first place, but it’s so lovely that my meaningless words are craving to move over.

Plain text, Markdown, and Dropbox. What more can I ask?

See you soon.

Online Shopping Doesn’t Save You Time

We usually consider online shopping time-saving. In most cases, however, this thought might not hold.

Online shopping has two major problems:

  1. Over-informed
  2. Under-informed

For whatever you want to buy, there are too many options to choose from and there is too much information to search for. In the meantime, there is no way for you to actually feel the items or see them in person. Many times photos, images, or videos just don't cut. All of these result in your consuming excessive amount of energy and time for determining the best, which unfortunately often turns out to be far from your perception.

I’ll avoid shopping online as much as possible unless I'm buying books, CDs, or similar things that require very little comparison.

New Year

This year is/was quiet a hard time for me—big failure on GMAT, didn’t apply for any graduate school, and wasted a lot of time (not even spent on having fun, purely wasted).

But still, there were lights. Just to name a few: I took Professor Junyan Zhang’s Institutional Economy class in the spring (it was inspiring both academically and personally); I came to America for one year’s exchange study; I met new friends from all over the world; I travelled a lot here in the States; and I went to some great concerts (especially Mayday’s). And my family and friends are supportive as always.

I read some books in 2012 as usual. The best one that I can think of now is To Kill A Mockingbird. I wish I had read it earlier but on the other hand, I kind of think I wouldn’t understand it as much if I did. I improved my workflows and started to use a (revised) GTD system, though I am still not that productive. And oh my, fiddling with productivity and tech stuff is becoming my new hobby. When it comes to that, I’m a total nerd. I love plain text. I love Markdown.

Even though now I’m traveling in Los Angeles by myself, I’m still going to celebrate new year, even by myself. I mean, why not—with Mayday’s People Life, Ocean Wild (人生海海) of course.

Anyways, happy 2013.


As big a technology fan as I am, when it comes to certain things, I can be really old school. I love listening to a CD playing from a stereo, writing in a Moleskine notebook, and especially, reading a paperback (or even hardcover) book.

I actually love reading in Instapaper on the iPad. However, the experience of reading a real book is simply irreplaceable. Nothing is more pleasant than reading a book at home, sitting on a coach and with a hot drink by the side (and maybe it’s cold and raining heavily outside).

Things That Always Make You Happy

There are things that will always make you happy no matter what.

Such as hanging out with people you truly love, the girl you have a crush on asking you out, and the theme song of Friends starting to sound...

So no one told you life was gonna be this way...