Yifeng Wang

Reading for Pleasure

Angus Croll in How to Read a Book:

Revel in it. Lose yourself in it. Live it.

Reading for pleasure is something I try to remind myself about from time to time. Pleasure should be one of the primary reasons we read books or watch movies, listen to music, and write down words—revealing some deep meaning or practicing a new language should not.

I Saw Time

When thinking about the concept of time, I usually picture a clock or a timeline. But those are only two of many representations of time. What is time exactly if we stop thinking about it in terms of measurement? Can we see it? Can we feel it like we feel water running around our body? How does it actually move? What does its movement mean? If you try to ask yourself these questions, you might see something amazing (and magical).

New Home

I don’t remember how I found out about Scriptogr.am, but it’s so lovely that my meaningless words were craving to move over.

Plain text, Markdown, and Dropbox—what more can I ask for?

See you more soon.

Online Shopping Doesn’t Save You Time

Online shopping is usually considered time-saving. In most cases, however, this belief doesn't hold true.

Online shopping has two major problems:

  1. Over-informing
  2. Under-informing

For any item you want to buy, there are too many options to choose from and there is too much information to research on. In the meantime, since there is no way for you to actually feel the items or compare in person, the aforementioned information can that pretty useless. Many times text, images, or even videos just don't cut it. You end up consuming excessive amount of energy and time trying to determine the best, an impossible task.

I’ll avoid online shopping when possible on items best tried out in person.

New Year

The past year was quite hard on me. I faced big failure on the GMAT, didn’t apply for any graduate school, and wasted a lot of time. The time wasn't even spent on having fun; it was simply wasted.

There were lights still. To name a few: I took Professor Juyan Zhang’s Institutional Economy class in the spring, which was inspiring both academically and personally; I came to America for an one-year exchange study; I met new friends from all over the world; I traveled a lot in the States; I went to some great concerts (notably Mayday1's), and my family and friends were supportive as always.

I didn't forget to read books in 2012 either. The best one that I think of right now is To Kill A Mockingbird. I wish I had read it earlier but on the other hand, I think I wouldn’t have understood it as much. I started to take task management more seriously using a revised GTD system, though I am still not that productive. Fiddling with productivity tools and methods has been becoming a new hobby. A total nerd I am. I love plain text and I love Markdown.

Right now I’m traveling in Los Angeles by myself but I’m still going to celebrate the new year, even by myself. Why not. All I had to do was to hit play on Mayday’s People Life, Ocean Wild2.

Happy 2013.

  1. 五月天
  2. 人生海海