On Finding the Perfect Solution
Aug 11, 2015

I tend to get over-obsessed with finding the perfect solution. It’s easy when the best option is obvious. Most of the time, however, each option has its own advantages and disadvantages (and that’s usually the case). I would go through every option in my mind with all the possible scenarios that I can think of.1 But this is usually what I get: option one looks good here but bad there, option two, on the contrary, looks bad here but good there, option three looks good both here and there but doesn’t seem like a future-proof solution…

The process is not worth it. It consumes me. It requires a lot of energy and made me feel unsettled. The thing is, even after all the thinking and considering, the solution I choose is not likely to be perfect. Perfect solution simply doesn’t exist. There is only contextual best solution. Finding one that is relatively good for now and stick to it. It can always be altered according to what happens along the way.

Back to the example, now it’s clear that I should just go with option three. There is probably going to be a much better solution in the future, and I’ll probably switch to it no matter what I choose today. Sounds like a decision has been made.

  1. which is an awful lot… [return]