Yifeng Wang

New Year

The past year was quite hard on me. I faced big failure on the GMAT, didn’t apply for any graduate school, and wasted a lot of time. The time wasn't even spent on having fun; it was simply wasted.

There were lights still. To name a few: I took Professor Juyan Zhang’s Institutional Economy class in the spring, which was inspiring both academically and personally; I came to America for an one-year exchange study; I met new friends from all over the world; I traveled a lot in the States; I went to some great concerts (notably Mayday1's), and my family and friends were supportive as always.

I didn't forget to read books in 2012 either. The best one that I think of right now is To Kill A Mockingbird. I wish I had read it earlier but on the other hand, I think I wouldn’t have understood it as much. I started to take task management more seriously using a revised GTD system, though I am still not that productive. Fiddling with productivity tools and methods has been becoming a new hobby. A total nerd I am. I love plain text and I love Markdown.

Right now I’m traveling in Los Angeles by myself but I’m still going to celebrate the new year, even by myself. Why not. All I had to do was to hit play on Mayday’s People Life, Ocean Wild2.

Happy 2013.

  1. 五月天
  2. 人生海海