Yifeng Wang

I Write

When I get bored,1 I write. Most of the time, I don’t care about the content. I just write.

I love writing on iPad. The experience feels calming. Editorial, Byword, iA Writer, Daedalus Touch...you name it; I have it. Now, I’m writing in 1Writer, which recently got an awesome update. Sometimes I hook up my iPad with a keyboard and sometimes I just type on the glass screen, like now.

I love technology, but I wouldn’t call myself tech savvy. I’m far from being qualified. I barely know anything about programming—I can’t even make an AppleScript all by myself. However, all those rocket-science-looking things don’t scare me off. I love playing with them. I set up this blog on Scriptogr.am, a Dropbox based blog service. With zero knowledge, I tweaked the site's HTML and CSS by guessing, trusting my gut, and searching online (thanks, kind people on the internet), trying to satisfy my aesthetic as much as I can.

I've never promoted the blog; not even posting links on Twitter. The reason? I’m not sure. Maybe I just don't feel like it.

Pretty pointless, huh? Isn’t my kind of writing a waste of time, time that can be used for something more important in life? But who can say for sure what are the more important things in life? I know I can’t.

So write, I do.

  1. And sometimes not.