Yifeng Wang

A Little Story About Amazon

Just a little story.

I found out that Amazon Prime was a charged service after I had been using it for about five months. I didn’t realize I was charged until a friend told me about that. I guess I didn’t notice its price policy when I first signed up for its one month trial and I just forgot about it. Anyway, I was thinking about writing an email to Amazon to ask about it. But don’t get me wrong, I like Amazon Prime; it’s a good service. I just feel kind of deceived (but I wasn’t: it was me who didn’t realize the service was charged in the first place.) However, I got an email from Amazon which said they had already cancelled my Amazon Prime membership and I would get a full refund in days within hours I clicked the send button.

I became an happy Amazon Prime member again soon after. How could I possibly think of a reason not to use such a good service from a company with such fantastic customer service?

This is probably the way how good business is done.